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Small Stream Single Engines care easier to transport to your site and easier to work

This model 2504 is a 2-1/2" Dredge with a 4 HP engine and a 3 Point Sluice. A most popular size due to the mobility and ease of use. Shown with 4 piece dark gray floats.  


Available with 2 to 4" headers and engines up to 10 HP. These Dredges are suited to the serious prospector who wants to work in remote bush country and for the part time miner who wants to work small local streams.

The GoldDredgeWorx sluice system will recover many times the fine gold deposits that can be recovered by a conventional riffle system or standard floating sluices.


   Options  For increased efficiency and ease os use, try model 2025 (below), a 2"x 2.5" compact Dredge shown below - mounted on modular floats, this dredge has a 2.5 (up to 3 HP) engine and a 2" pump/header system.
 Engines: 1 engines/pumps/take-up hoses per dredge  
 Horse Power:  Small dredges typically have 2.5, 3, or 4 HP gasoline engines - HP determines flow rate. Larger engines are available.
 Pumps: either a 2"x2" or a 3"x2"
  Float: a modular float system with either 2 or 4 segments
 Sluice Systems:  3 point sluice and optional over/under configurations are available
 Jet Options:   Power Jets with 1 injector, arranged for full flare or semi-flare distribution
 Hose: Flexible for sand deposits in small streams an for portability (semi-rigid hose is available)
 Air Supply:  Single Piston pump

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 :Float systems
:Hoses, pry bars
:Sluice Box, Pans