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Large Capacity Multiple Engines can speed up the work and allow two people to
work the dredge at the same time.

This Model 8216 Dredge has a 8" Header and two 16 HP engines (available in sizes from
8HP to 20HP). The 3 point (or optional 4 point) Sluice with Full Flare Jet wash system has proven
performance and the 4 Piece Modular floats adds security and safety. Larger sizes have 8 floats.

 8"dredge with twin 126 hp engines and full flare discharge Available with 6", 7" and 8" Header capacities. These Dredges are suited to the serious prospector who wants to move a lot of material in a short time.
The GoldDredgeWorx sluice system with layered separators and collection mats will recover many times the fine gold deposits that can be recovered by a conventional high bank riffle system alone or standard floating sluices.

Large Dredges work deeper and wider streams

   Options  The Model 4065 shown below is the most popular dredge having a 4" hose/header with
6.5 hp standard (5.5 to7) single engine . Shown with 4 sandstone color floats.
 Engines: 2 engines/pumps/take-up hoses per dredge  4" dredge/5.5 hp engine - a river standard size
 Horse Power:  6,7,8, 9, 11, 13, 15, 16, and 18 HP gasoline engines - HP determines flow rate
 Pumps:   either a 3"x2" or a 3"x3"
  Float: a modular float system with either 4, 6 or 8 segments
 Sluice Systems:  3 point or 4 point and over/under configurations are available
 Jet Options:   Power Jets with 1, 2, 3 or 4 injectors, arranged for full flare or semi-flare distribution
 Hose:   Heavy semi-rigid for rocky areas or flexible for sand deposits and shorter runs
 Air Supply:  Single or Dual Diaphram or Piston pumps

 The Model 5255 Dredge shown below has a two 5 (up to 7 hp) pumps and a 5"semi-flare diffusion header box for volume recovery. Shown with 4 floats.    
 5" dredge with twin 5.5hp engines with flared discharge  

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:Hoses, pry bars
:Sluice Box, Pans